Friday, August 3, 2007

One year later....

Sunday, July 29th was our one year wedding anniversary....we finally "celebrated" tonight...with going to see the opening of Bourne Ultimatum (which we both really liked being as we already Bourne fans) and dinner out. Time sure has gone by quick, and we have accomplished quite a bit since last July.

  • We have successfully moved to two different states on almost opposite sides of the country (from MO to CA and from CA to KY)
  • Braden graduated from The Master's College and is now enrolled for seminary classes that start later this month at Southern
  • I learned to cope with being hundreds of miles from my family and close friends, which for me is still can be hard at times, even though we're alot closer to home now, but it really has taught me the lesson of being content.
  • We have made some great friends in new places and kept ones from where we started.
  • We have learned alot about each other and will continue to for...forever! At times, it's no walk in the park, especially if there is added stress with finances, work, school, etc. but it's all worth it. I pray that while doing so we remember the perfect marriage example of Christ and his bride, the church. Looking at those verses in Ephesisans 5 are such an encouragement at times.
  • And much, much more!
Here's some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day:


Anonymous said...

awww :o)

i regret to inform you, now that it has officially been celebrated, that your "first-year leniency policy," is now revoked. this applies to areas of tardiness or absence, among other things.

Brenda said...

Okay...That made me cry.