Saturday, August 11, 2007

It has begun!

The beginning of the new semester is upon us.

Braden is taking a full load, for seminary...3 classes/9 units. He's taking Intro to Old Testament, Intro to New Testament, and Church History. He will go Tues./Thurs. and will continue to work at UPS (M-F) and Panera (Fridays). I am also taking classes this semester as part of the Seminary Wives Institution. The program is really neat and I am excited about learning, hearing good teaching, and meeting other seminary wives.

Orientation was held this morning/afternoon today up at the school so now Braden is officially ready to start class this coming Tuesday. I'm excited for him!

This evening a service was held where seminary students brought their wives and afterward there was an ice cream social. We met some other couples that have just moved to the area just like us. It was nice to hear that others are going through a similar experience of finding their way around town, looking for jobs, looking for a church home, being away from family, friends, and the familiar, etc. So...we're not the only crazy ones doing this! haha!

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