Sunday, August 26, 2007

Party like a Rockstar!

Last night Braden's cousin Jonathan Kenna was in town with his touring band called Silverstein. Jonathan is the tour manager, the drum techie, and basically he keeps the guys in the band on schedule, planning hotel stays, and meals, money, etc. So we spent the afternoon helping Jon out with getting groceries for a bbq cookout for the guys, and pick up other odds and ends that the guys were in need of (batteries, fans, propane, etc.) before their concert at Headliners, which is actually really close to our apt. here in Louisville.

Jonathan had some pretty interesting stories about being on the road with a bunch of guys day in and day out. I can't imagine what it would be like living like that for most weeks of the year.

Silverstein is a bit more hardcore music than Braden and I normally listen to, but we decided that we should at least look like rock fans going to the concert (or try to). Here's a pic of us before we left:Anyways, so after the concert, we got to hang out in Silverstein's tour bus, which was pretty amazing, and huge. There were 12 bunks in there each with their own tv screen. In the front "living room" there were some comfy couches and a big flat screen tv, and more in the back "living room". There was a fridge, sink, ice bins (otherwise know as "rock" bins), and food pantries. Although it seems like they live pretty well on the road, how pleasant can it be living like that with 11 or so other guys in small quarters?

My pictures didn't turn out too well from the concert, here's the best one:
I had never seen such a violent mosh pit, but it was probably pretty normal of these types of concerts...and oh my gosh, crowd surfing has a whole new meaning to me! Of course I didn't take part or come anywhere near the crowd of people...I stayed safely behind the band's t-shirt would you like 190 pound people flying in the air for you to catch them! Ha! (If Thomas ever reads this post he's gonna laugh)


sandy said...

I know mosh pits believe it or not. I have taken Kyle and his friends to concerts. The first time I ever saw a mp I wanted to call 911!! It amazes me how seldom anyone gets hurt. I wonder how many people at church have seen a mosh pit? Maybe 2!!

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