Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Braden treated me to my favorite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. We found that there is one about 7 or so minutes away, right in downtown Louisville! Yay!
Afterward, we did our first exploration of the riverfront...there is a beautiful park with fountains (which people decided to make a pool! haha!), a flower garden, large grass lawn (there was a big game of ultimate frisbee going on), etc. We had a great time following the walkways, people-watching, and enjoying the summer evening.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Doerr/Loveless Wedding

Last Thursday afternoon we journeyed back once again to good old St. Louis for preparations for Natalie and Brennan's long awaited wedding. Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. Here we are all dressed up before we left:
Soon to be newlyweds!All the bridesmaids: me, Jes, Deanna, Allison, Krissy, and Kourtney
Groomsmen and ushers: Jason, Bobby, Andrew, Tyler, Braden, Brad, Kyle, Collin, and BrandonSaturday, June 23 Natalie and Brennan became man and wife!
Us with the newlyweds!The girls:Already weddings for the summer of next year are being planned! My good friend Kristen got engaged to her boyfriend Scott last week! I am so excited for her and am very proud to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Here we are with the happy couple:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Tis the season to be wed!

Braden and I attended another wedding over the weekend back in St. Louis again. Nicci Schneider married Adam Clayton on Saturday, June 16th. The reception was an absolute blast! I have never had so much fun dancing the night away! Here are some pictures!
Me and my two sisters, Miranda and Kendra, before we left:B and me on the way there:Us and our Marine, Zach Rath:
Mommy and me:
Dylan passed out on the way home! haha!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Girls Night Out!

Friday we headed back "home-home" (St. Louis) for Natalie's bachelorette/lingerie party. It was an absolute blast! One of the girl's (Krissy) dad drove us all around town in their RV "aka" Party Bus! We started the night by heading to Chevy's for some dinner and margaritas. Then we went to the place where it all started, Forest Park. Natalie took us to the exact spot where Brennan proposed. Re-enactment: We then piled back in the RV and headed to Ted Drewes...for the best ice cream in St. Louis! All while we drove from one place to the next Natalie opened gifts, stuffed her mouth with marshmallows when she incorrectly answered a question about Brennan's favorites, did toasts and we all played a good old fashion game of "Truth or Dare"! Soon after we headed back to Krissy's and made use of the hot tub and pool! By the time we got ready for bed everyone was so tired that we woke up sprawled everywhere in Krissy's basement! Good times!
Next Friday is the boys' turn!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Galaxy and Cards

I never got a chance to post these before we let Cali...the Friday before we moved, while Braden's parents and brother Grant were in town we went to a LA Galaxy soccer game. I absolutely loved it! Here's some pictures:
That night we all stayed in a hotel in Santa Ana and the next morning we drove down to San Diego to watch our St. Louis Cardinals play the Padres.
Cards warming up:In action:Joe, Diane, Grant, and Braden:
Braden and I:
Cards lost but we had a great time at the game and the stadium was really neat.