Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Days, Finally!

The weatherman kept prediciting it and he was finally right...the snow (and ice) has arrived:

Yesterday Braden had a snow day from school and I went in to work 2 hours late...almost like back in the day, but not nearly as cool 'cause we didn't go outside and play in the snow : (

Maybe if it lasts until this weekend we can go sledding! : )

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Homecoming from January...

I never did get a chance to show off pictures of my brother Zach and his date for his senior year Homecoming at Christian High School from last month. So here's a few: My sister Kendra went to the same dance as Zach (though she goes to Ft. Zumwalf South) but with some of her girlfriends. Here's some more pictures:
So fun! : )

February already!?!

It's already two weeks into the semester, I can't believe it! Here's what we've been up to lately...
Braden is busy at UPS and Panera like always and he is enjoying his new semester of classes and learning much:
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines with Dr. Whitney
*Intro to Church Histoy II with Dr. Smith
*Intro to Biblical Counseling with Dr. Scott
*Intro to Philosophy with Dr. Parker

As for me, my job has been going great! I love the craziness of it, working at a hospital is crazy in itself! My days go by so know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! I also have still been training for my half marathon, I'm up to 6 miles! WooHoo!

Braden and I went to Indianapolis, IN last weekend to see our friend Tommy who was playing bass with his band, The Marquette Weekend. They just started touring at the end of last month and, as of right now, they will be traveling all over the Midwest until the end of April. We had a blast at the concert, and of course it was great catching up with Tommy.
At the concert I helped at the merchandise table selling t-shirts and cds. I convinced a few people to buy the same shirt that I had, "Because it will look great on you!" One guy thought I was the band's manager and had me autograph his cd. Man, I felt cool!
Here's a picture of Tommy and Braden at Steak N Shake after the concert:

...AND for those of you stuck in blogger world, don't forget that Valentine's Day is Thursday! ; )