Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drumroll please!

We're so thrilled to be turning to the next chapter of our lives as a married couple to...... PARENTHOOD! TA-DA!

Baby Braden is 19 weeks along and doing just fine. I had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon, so we got to see our little 10 ouncer and (wow!) it was AMAZING! :) I can't wait to meet our little one sometime at the end of November (due date is Nov. 23rd.)!I've had a relatively easy pregnancy so far...just the usual tiredness and nausea. But it's been smooth sailing since I've hit the 2nd trimester...and my tummy is just starting to pop out a bit. Here's me at 7 weeks:
11 weeks:
15 weeks:17 weeks:

19 weeks

I know you're dying to know if we're having a boy or a girl, but just for fun...



Beth said...

So, so fun, gCasey! Can't wait to meet baby B!

Fresh and Fit Family said...

How cute are you...I love your cute belly. At first I saw the first picture and thought that was how big you are now, and then I saw the 7 weeks. I'm glad you posted and we'll continue to pray for a good, healthy, and easy pregnancy! Can't wait to find out in November if it's a girl or boy :)

april mohler said...

you are so cute!

G. said...

All the best to you. Hope you are feeling great!