Friday, April 17, 2009

yum, yummy!

This afternoon was soooo incredibly nice outside that my friend Leah and i took a walk down Frankfort Avenue. We stopped at a consignment shop called Margaret's to look at maternity clothes for Leah. They had some great stuff and their children's clothes were pretty reasonably priced as well...most stuff was around $5. After that we headed further down Frankfort to this fancy little dessert cafe called Sweet Surrender. We each had a piece of this amazing chocolate oreo cake and it was amazing and so rich that we should have just split one piece! I highly reccomend this place, even though it is rather pricey...every once in a while you should treat yourself ; )

This weekend is the big kick-off for the Kentucky Derby festivals...tomorrow is what they call: "Thunder Over Louisville". I blogged a little about it last year too...but it's bascially the largest air and fireworks show that you've ever seen. It's a REALLY big deal around here and everyone looks forward to it all year. So hopefully I'll have some pictures to post before the weekend is over.

That's all for now! Hope you're having a great Friday!

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