Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Thumb?

ok, so i love plants/flowers and having them around my house and on my porch...BUT i always seem to kill them because i forget to water and maintain them. even so, i bought more this year...they were inexpensive and pretty low maintenance so hopefully they'll last at least a few months! :)

i bought some petunias
i lost the tag to these so i don't know what they're called...any guesses out there?and i'm going to attempt to keep this oregano plant alive to add some freshness to my pasta, pizza, and other saucesthere is one exception to my lack of a green thumb and here it is

this philodendron i got at the st. joseph's orphan picnic last fall and it will not die, not that i want it to! so if your experiences with plants/flowers are anything like mine have been, def. go with this hardy plant!

what are you growing?


Unknown said...

those are great! so pretty. i'm growing nothing. i'm a plant killer :(

H said...

I'm a plant killer too but I'm attempting to keep begonias alive. So far, so good.

Unknown said...

they look like they might be impatients?

i don't know-- don mario never taught me plant identification... just how to create raving fans... ;)

i'm growing tomatoes!

Casey said...

allison-glad to see i'm not the only plant killer!

heather-i might have to try begonias next!

alicia-i think you're right that they're impatients, i've since looked it up. thanks! and that's hilarious about ldi, so many memories...raving fans! lol! and yay for tomatoes! i think i might go for green beans...we'll see.

Rich Kleylein said...

The plants you were wondering about are periwinkles. They are the southern American version, they grow wild the deeper you go in the south. There is a northern version that is slightly different and used as a ground cover.