Monday, September 1, 2008

No Labor Weekend!

I can't believe Labor Day has already come and gone! It seems like just last week Braden was starting his classes at Southern and now it's almost time for fall break! Crazy!

We've definitely been staying busy with work, school, and having fun. This past weekend we went home to St. Louis to visit friends and family before everything starts getting really crazy busy with Braden's full load of classes. He's taking four classes, one a day Mon.-Thurs. He's taking Old Testament and the other three are counseling classes.

I've started up again with my SWI classes. I'm taking Essentials I & II and the book that we've started reading is called "Lose the Halo, Keep the Wings" by Virginia Wilson. It's a very practical book that is perfect for those women out there who need some insight on being a wife of a husband who is or is going to be in ministry. Virginia shares her own personal stories about what she has learned through the years along with giving some insight as to what she wished she knew when first starting out in ministry. She also gives some practical advice on how to handle tough or not-so-pleasant situations that may arise in ministry life. I recommend this book.In a couple of weeks we'll be going home to St. Louis again for Braden' cousin's wedding, and for the much anticipated 2008 annual NANC conference. We're both really excited about being able to go this year. It works out perfectly, because Braden will be on fall break from his classes the same week that the conference is. He's already asked off work from I just have to somehow get off from my new position too....hmmm...

Until next time, go check out my etsy shop...I've added some things within the past month.

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G. said...

Hi Casey...I'm your favorite things "Swap Buddy". Just wanted to let you know that I'm getting ready to send your package out within the next couple of days. I thought I'd swing by and check your blog out...have a great day!