Sunday, September 7, 2008

another freebie link!

click here for a chance to win these free plates: In other happenings, this weekend I made these flower pens for my desk at work: I hope it will cut back on the amount of pens that are "borrowed" from my desk each week...who's going put one of these in their pocket??? ha!
They're super easy to make. Directions here, I suggest using green floral tape to make them look more "real".


Update! Check out this post for a chance to win this super cute tote bag:I love polky dots!


april mohler said...

cute flowers. i should put these on my stitch twitch blog.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the flower pens! they are beautiful, and such a great idea! that would be great for me in an office full of men :)

Weeksie50 said...

Those flower pens are too cute..


Beth said...

Great job with the pens, GC! :)