Friday, August 22, 2008

Prayer request

Please pray for my family, if you could. My dad and Miranda got in an accident on Saturday. They were both riding the dirt bike in the field behind our house and the front tire got stuck in a hole and they both flew over the handlebars. My brother, Ty, took my dad to the ER pretty soon after it happened; my mom was out of town with my sister, Kendra, for a soccer tournament.
The next day, Miranda was still complaining of her foot, so Ty took her in to the ER.
It ended up that my dad broke like 4 ribs and Miranda fractured her foot. I talked to my dad on Sunday and he was sore, but the pain medication they gave him was helping.

Wednesday, Miranda got a cast on her foot...she's bumming that she'll be out of soccer for the next few weeks.
But she's a champ, and will make her comeback as strong as ever! : )

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