Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spring Break Plans

The next two weeks or so, we are going to be busy busy and we'll have lots of company in town. I'm really excited to see friends and family from home! Can't wait! Braden will officially start his much needed spring break on the 12th. So here's what we've got going on starting today:

Braden's dad and two guys from our church back at home (Dave and Bob) will be in town for the Shepherd's Conference at Grace. Braden's dad will be staying with us at our apartment.
Later this week Braden and I are going to try to go to one or two of the night sessions that are open to those not registered for the conference, John Piper speaks on Wed. night, Al Mohler on Thurs., and J. Mac on Fri.
Tonight we're all going to the House of Blues down on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They have good food, although I don't think anyone is playing. That's fine with me though, because last time we were there was when my mom and sister Kendra were in town and a heavy metal rock band was rehearsing and it was pretty scary to say the least! Anything would be nice compared to that! ha!

My good friend Emily and her roommate Kara will be in town from back at home in STL to visit and stay with us. Yeah! Surely going to do some hardcore shopping! haha!

Our good friends, Kyle and Kim Hackmann will be in town from Chicago where they both attend school at Moody Bible Institute. We'll have alot of fun showing them around LA and Hollywood.

Hopefully our little apartment will be able to handle all the company! I'm so happy to have everyone stay with us...seems like right when I start to get really homesick either somone comes to visit or we get to go home to visit. I like how that always works out! I'm sure I'll have pictures from all our adventures soon!

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