Monday, February 19, 2007


This past week I finished up my assignment with the crazy realtor lady and then worked for a few days for a man who owned a nonprofit research company. I helped him by listening to some interviews that he had saved in files on a computer and I typed every word the people said in these interviews. I actually enjoyed it because it was different, and the man that I worked for was very kind. The interviews themselves were....well, interesting, but because of confidentiality papers I signed, I am not allowed to talk about them.

That job ended last Friday, so I checked in with my temp. agency again this morning. At first there was no news, but a half hour later I get a call back from them and they already have a new assignment for me! I start tomorrow as a receptionist at a company that distributes cable for the entertainment industry. Pray that all goes well and it works out, because this assignment would last until we move to Louisville, Kentucky in May and I'll be making more money than I have been previously, which would be very good so that Braden and I can start saving for the rental truck and all the moving expenses.

God has been so gracious to us and I am so thankful that He continues each week to provide work for me. At times it can be hard to trust that He will provide all that we need, but ultimately His will is going to be done no matter what so it is our choice to be patient, remain faithful, and trust in Him.

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