Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Life of a Temp.

So last Friday LDI told me that they would no longer be needing me. That's how it goes when you're only a temp....but nonetheless I was out of work and a next paycheck.
So Monday morning I called my temp. agency for a new assignment...they didn't have anything for me, nor did they on the next two days. So Wednesday morning I went to a different, bigger temp agency (thanks to Alicia!) and did the usual job hunt routine: fill out paperwork, few computer tests, watched a video, and fill out more paperwork.
Later that day I got a call from my account executive. She found work for me...only a 2 week assignment, but it's two paychecks more than what I'd be getting otherwise so, of course I take it! They tell me that I'll be organizing a bunch of paperwork for a realtor at Re-Max.
Next thing I knew I was sorting receipts, insurance paperwork, check stubs, bank statements, medical bills, car bills, credit card bills, and any other sort of important document that you could think of for my new supervisor. I have access to her whole life for the past 3 years! Crazy! I unfortunately know way too much about this lady and her family....2006 beauty queen, two kids, her age, her favorites palces to eat and shop, what kind of makeup she wears, how much her cell phone bill is each month, etc. I....the professional organizer (haha!) my job, apparently helping this lady with her taxes that she hadn't turned in in the past 3 years, while she takes care of finding a private detective to spy on her husband because they are going through a nasty divorce, calling both of her kids' schools to make sure they were there, making appoinments to get a drug and alcohol test done to have proof that she's not abusing either. Ahhhh...just the normal life of a temp...haha!
When you think about it, is it crazier to have a complete stranger do this sort of thing for you or someone you know?

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