Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wave Blanket

Here is my latest work in's a blanket I am crocheting out of a rainbow of colors:Someday it will fit on a twin-full size bed, but I have alot of work to do on it first.
I slowly work on it as I feel like it and hope that someday our kids will use it :)

You can find the pattern that I used for this blanket here .


Beth said...

Your blanket is really cute. I want to learn how to weave rugs. They're so stinkin expensive. I'm not sure I can do it at home though!

Alicia said...

heather would love this blanket... it totally reminds me of her!

Casey said...

thanks beth! you could totally make a rug, there's tutorials out there that would help you figure it out.

alicia, i'll have to give you another lesson in crochet so you can start a blanket! :)