Wednesday, September 24, 2008

back to "normal"

ok...sorry i didn't update sooner, but i'm sure you all understand.

we finally got our power back on saturday!!! i was literally jumping up and down because i was so excited to have electricity again.

soooo this week has been super busy with getting everything back in order: loads of laundry, restocking the freezer/fridge, cleaning from the messes we made when we couldn't see!, catching up on e-mail, googler reader, and facebook, etc.

not to mention the craziness at work! the whole week that we were without power i could hardly focus on anything....all i cared about was getting my power back and figuring out what we would eat for dinner, and finding out which of our friends did have power so i could invite myself over to shower and dry my hair (yes, i was being selfish, but i was desperate!).

but all in all it wasn't that bad...seriously! we were able to hang out and get to know our friends better not to mention all the extra time braden and i had together, i have taken up knitting again, i've learned that if you are desperate, you will do anything to watch monday night football (so desperate in fact, that our friends hooked up their tv to a generator!).

it's crazy how much we rely on electricity, crazy i tell you! because i know how crazy i got when we didn't have it. try doing your make-up by candle light in the wee hours of the morning or picking out an outfit for that matter! 6 days without power was rough, and i'm glad it's over!

things are finally getting back to normal...whatever normal is!


Anonymous said...

you knit too? maybe you already told me that. i LOVE knitting! maybe next time our hubbys are studying or writing a paper, we can get together and knit!!

Claremont First Ward said...

I'm so glad you electricity again. Must have been so frustrating to not have it (not to mention scary).....sounds like you have a lot of catch up AND a great attitude. Kudos to you!