Monday, May 21, 2007

Location change!

WE MADE IT! Arrived in Louisville, Kentucky last Thursday morning...had a quick tour of the apartment, signed the papers, then unloaded the truck. Braden's parents, his brother Grant, my mom and brother Zach came with us from St. Louis to help us unload. Also, some friends that already live here in Louisville and attend Southern (the Feelers and Leonards) came over and helped us unload. With all the help it didn't take long to get everything into the apartment. Our new place is alot bigger and now we have a whole extra bedroom and any visitors are welcome! ; )
My car and the moving truck:Brother Zach and I:We're on the top:

Our new address: 848 River Dell Ct. Louisville, KY 40206:Since we moved here we've had to adjust to switching 3 time zones! So we've been sleeping in and slowly getting everything organized in our apartment.
Leah and Josh Feeler have been a big help to us since we arrived, Saturday Leah drove me all around showing me all the good places to shop...I have about 4 pages of notes! I was a little nervous before we moved here that there wouldn't be many choices for food and shopping, but after my tour of the area I know we'll be fine. Sunday morning the Feelers invited us to their church, Clifton Baptist. We both liked it and will probably visit again.
Well, that's all for now....we're sitting at the Panera using the free wireless and it's time to pack up.

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