Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dodgers vs. Padres

Arturo, a guy at my work has season tickets to the Dodgers games and he let me buy two off him for Friday night's game vs. the San Diego Padres. There is a big rivalry between these two teams and it is very evident from sitting in the stands when everyone yells "Padres suck! Padres suck!" whenever they make a bad play, strike out, or whatever. So needless to say the few Padre fans that did come to the game were harrassed the whole time because the Padres ended up losing to the Dodgers 9-1.

We went to the game early to see batting practice...
We got free Dodger hats when we walked into the stadium and we bought Dodger dogs, nachos, and soda at the concession. Yum!

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