Friday, April 15, 2011

2 Things

1. This picture was taken of me yesterday:Yes, I'm pregnant! :)

I haven't mentioned it on the blog before so it may or may not shock you (depending on if you already know) that I am 19 weeks along! Things are going well and we couldn't be happier. My due date currently is September 9th. Click here to see photos of what my belly looked like with Callie at 19 weeks.

2. I have been changing the direction of my etsy shop for a while now to sell knit/crochet baby hats. I am so excited about it, mainly because babies have been on my mind alot lately (see 1.) and also becuase I love knitting and crocheting...especially for babies! Anyways, a few weeks ago I came in contact with the lovely Leslie Styler of Leslie Styler Photography and I've been working with her to get some better photos of my hats. Here's some of her talented work:You can visit Leslie's blog here and she also is on Facebook.


Kelly Irene said...

Congrats again! You look great :) I love the new photos and hope it helps your shop a lot!

Kyle Reed said...

Thats awesome. Congrats to the bradens

Em said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! You are so talented with the knitting work. The pictures look great!

KurtandKellie said...

Yaaaay. Congratulations!