Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Bow Hat

Needles: US7
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool Worsted
Size: newborn

CO 52.
K2, P2 for 8 rows.
K for 6 rows.
Change colors.
K for 8 rows.
Change colors.
K for 2 rows.

Begin decreases as follows:
K11, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K10, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K9, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K8, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K7, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K6, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K5, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K4, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K3, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K2, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K1, K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
K2tog; repeat to end of the round.
Cut tail and thread through remaining stitches.

For bow:
CO 15.
Knit for about 8” or so.
Bind off and sew CO to BO wrap tails around middle to form bow.

P.S. I don't mind if you make this hat to sell or give to family/friends, but please just be sure to link back and give credit to where credit is due. Thanks!


Frankie said...

This hat is so cute! I'm going to make one for my brand new granddaughter today. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Hello gorgeous said...

I just made one for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter. I'm not sure she'll be small enough to wear it though. I'll just donate it to a NICU if it comes to that. Really cute. I wish I knew how to post a pic of it. Thanks for the pattern.

Aryssa said...

ive used your diaper cover pattern which was farely simple but bc i am a beginner i am having a hard time figuring out what you mean by K CO and P rather than SC DC etc

Anonymous said...

wow!! This is so cute. Thank you very much for sharing this pattern. I'm a beginner & the instruction is easy to follow. Will make it for my baby & my niece!! :)

Anonymous said...

K= knit, CO= cast on, P= purl. I don't know a lot about crochet, but the other two sound like crochet terms for single crochet and double crochet. If that's the case, that would explain the confusion as the two are pretty different.

Angie Palacio said...
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Lauren Fuller said...

So adoreable!! Do you have a pattern or suggestions on how I can make this in a 12m size? And adult? Thank you so so much!!

Anonymous said...

Is this hat made with circular needles?

Angela Aunchman said...

Love this hat. I have a 6 month old granddaughter and would love to make this for her. The pattern is for a newborn. Do you have other size patterns in this hat or can you give me directions on how to resize so that I can make one to fit her.

Anonymous said...

Is this hat knitted or crocheted? I'm not familiar with knitting bit I do crochet. Is there a big difference and if so how could I change it up a little to be able to crochet it?

Karen Malik said...

These are knitting stitches. Nothing to do with crochet.

Candice Ruark said...

Just finished mine and it looks adorable on my newborn. I added in 12 stitches after the ribbing so that it would fit her a little longer. It's a little big on her now, but still usable. But now it will fit all winter.

Anonymous said...

Do u think that doubling or tripling the pattern would work? I have a year old and 1 1/2 yr old granddaughters.

Elisa2011 said...

Molto bello, mi piace moltissimo!

Patricia Bertolini said...

Do you have a crochet pattern? Love the hat but can't knit ��

Late Mommy said...

Such a cute hat! I was wondering if you could help me with sizing it for older girls or adults. I'm not very good at adjusting circular patterns on my own. Circular and double-points I'm assuming? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I assume there is a purl row in between each decrease row? Although this seems to make the hat quite pointed in top, can someone please clarify? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I just finished knitting this hat, but used Size 8 double points as I was also concerned about the size. It seems to be able to fit a newborn just fine, and I'm glad I went up a needle size.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who asked about a purl row in between each decrease row, the answer is no. This is knitted in the round on circular or double point needles, and therefore there is no purl row in between the rows.

The pattern is kind of confusing as she uses the term "row" for the first part and then "round" for the decreasing, but the whole thing should say "round". The circular or double point needles should have been specified at the top with the needle size. Another discrepancy is the bow instructions. They say to knit for 8", but that would result in garter stitch. In the picture, the bow is in stockinette stitch, so the bow instructions should say "knit 8" in stockinette" or Row 1: Knit, Row 2: Purl, Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 8".

Also, for those having trouble doing the k2tog in the decreases, which I found difficult on double points, I would suggest doing SSK instead. It's how I did mine, and it came out looking very neat.

Katy Francis said...

Can anyone tell me about how much yarn is needed for size 8 needles for each color used?

Michelle Potratz said...

Is there a way to make this hat for a toddler? Between the ages 1-3?

Andrea Moore said...
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Andrea Moore said...

Great advice!

Andrea Moore said...

Great advice!