Thursday, October 21, 2010


Assignment: Using the above map, submit one photo for each square. Last night I (along with my lovely friend, Beth) took photos in square X21. Our map is just a small portion of a much larger map so that many people can contribute to this "project" until it's completion (which will be displayed at Sojourn's fall festival next year).

So, here are my "X21" photos:
As you can tell from the map and the photos, we were in a cemetery...

...which one gets your vote?


Kyle Reed said...

number 2

Alicia said...

#3-- it tells a story. makes me think of a little boy who misses his baby brother.

#1 and #2 seem much more generic, and #4 looks like you might've run out of light.

They're all really good, though! Just being super picky/critical because it's for a class :)

Alicia said...

ps: fun crop on your banner :)

Casey said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate it! :)