Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's for lunch?

Don't let that smile fool you! Meals usually aren't quite so cute!
She does loves her Puffs and anything that is from my plate:...but when it comes to the baby food...not a pretty picture!
So far the only baby food that I don't have to force her to eat is sweet potatoes! Haha!
Guess she's trying to teach me to share! :)


Em said...

David is not taking to baby food that well either. He does get really excited about puffs, though.

Anonymous said...

Like the commposition on the first photo :)

P never really ate baby food. She fought and fought till she was finally old enough for real food, and we made the switch. Seriously, I think A has consumed more baby food this week than she did in 6 months! Kids are so different, it's hilarious.

Casey said...

thanks ladies :)

good to know callie isn't the only one!