Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a New Year!

This year has started off pretty well for's what has been going on...

Braden's dad was in town this past week as he was here working on his doctorate program up at Southern. We enjoyed spending some time with him, and we were happy to have the bed in our second bedroom be put to use!

Since the beginning of the year, I've been training for a half marathon, which takes place in April. I'm slowly getting back into shape, it feels good and has been giving me more energy it seems. I follow a strick schedule, and have been taking advantage of the free access I have up at Southern's Rec. Center.

I started my new permanent position at the hospital I have been temping with since July '07. No longer am I in Human Resources, I am now a secretary to the nurse managers of the hospital. I have more freedom, a small raise, and I love it so far!

Braden has been working hard at UPS and has also started his reading for his J-term class that starts next week.

Whew!'s the weekend, time to relax!


Unknown said...

mmmm. pie.


sandy said...

Sorry my daughter is so lazy she won't join you in your half marathon. Humm what's a mother to do?