Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome to KY!

Here's pictures from our fun weekend with Josh who came to visit us all the way from California. I think he missed us as much as we missed him after we left.
Casey (boy), Alicia, Braden, and I went to pick him up from the airport on Saturday morning. Gave him a quick tour of both of our apartments then we decided to make a big breakfast instead of going out for one. Five minutes after "we" started here's what Josh and Braden looked like:Typical. We eventually got them to wake up and we all enjoyed a great meal on Casey and Alicia's porch:

Next we wanted to show Josh Southern Seminary where Casey (boy) and Braden will be starting classes in a few weeks. Here's some fun and goofy pictures we took around the campus:

Later that night we ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory (my favorite) and went down to Fourth Street Live and walked around:
Sunday Braden and I went to visit Clifton Baptist Church again. We both like it the most out of the churches we have visited so far here in Louisville.
Later we met up with Casey, Alicia, and Josh and spent the day shopping! We also went to this great coffee shop that my father-in-law (the coffee expert) recommended. At our last stop, Josh said he need to get something "personal" at the drug store. He came out with this in his arms:
Apparently, Casey (boy) and Alicia were running out of toilet paper. haha! I think they'll be stocked for quite a while!
It was such a treat to have Josh come visit for a couple of days. He definitely livened things up a bit.

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Unknown said...


i laughed out loud at that picture of the boys where braden is in the middle, and casey and josh both have their knee bent. i missed that moment..

and also. our blogs are sometimes very similar :) like reading matthew and mark (but way less inspired)