Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Galaxy and Cards

I never got a chance to post these before we let Cali...the Friday before we moved, while Braden's parents and brother Grant were in town we went to a LA Galaxy soccer game. I absolutely loved it! Here's some pictures:
That night we all stayed in a hotel in Santa Ana and the next morning we drove down to San Diego to watch our St. Louis Cardinals play the Padres.
Cards warming up:In action:Joe, Diane, Grant, and Braden:
Braden and I:
Cards lost but we had a great time at the game and the stadium was really neat.

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Unknown said...

looks like a blast! hope the wedding festivities have been fun... you guys are certainly memorizing the road from louisville to st louis!!

we're starting to get antsy. i'm ready to be done anticipating and just on the road already!!

pray for josh's grandma, she's having some pretty major health issues.

okay. thats all for now!!