Tuesday, March 27, 2007

7 weeks to go!

Seven weeks left in sunny, Southern California. May 11 is Braden's graduation day from The Master's College. After that we'll be packing up and hopefully be heading eastward around May 14th. We'll be heading to Louisville, KY where The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary awaits us. Our months here in Cali have gone by quickly, and we have definitely enjoyed our time here. The things I will miss the most are:
-The beaches and palm trees!-The Josh Rivas-Grace Community Church and our Sunday school group
-All the amazing foods and restaurants we've been introduced to...Stonefire, In and Out, BJ's,Wildfire, Buca di Beppo, Jamba Juice
-The shopping!
-Wearing flip flops all year aroundThe things I won't miss:
-TRAFFIC! It's everywhere...and the parking spaces here are tiny!
-High prices for gas, food (Braden refuses to buy soda because of the CRV tax), rent (we'll be paying half of what we pay now when we get in Louisville and for more square footage)...basically everything
-Our good friends Casey and Alicia... we won't have to miss them because they're moving with us to Southern : )
-Being 25 hours from home; instead we'll be 4-5 hours away!

The next step in our life together as a married couple is almost here. Braden is hard at work these next weeks writing papers, finishing projects, and getting ready for his last finals as an undergrad student. His diligence in his studies is paying off! I am so happy for him and am excited for him to start towards his goal of M. Div. in Biblical counseling at Southern.

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