Saturday, December 9, 2006

Lake Arrowhead

Last weekend Braden and I went to our Kurt and Kellie's cabin (actually Kurt's family's cabin) in Crestline near Lake Arrowhead. Here's a picture of the cabin:Altogether there were 3 couples, Dan and Delaine, Kurt and Kellie, and Braden and I. The rest were Dawn, Melissa, and Jenna, and Mark. Here's a picture of all of us:
We left Friday night after dinner and all piled in our car and Kurt and Kellie's SUV. The ride there was a little the time my dad drove my family up Pike's Peak in Colorado on road that barely fit two our 15 passenger van...yeah anyway, so it was a very windy road up the mountain, but we made it safely. When we got there we took all our bags and things inside, had a tour of the cabin, and then it was time for the battle of the beds! There was one queen size bed upstairs, one downstairs, and two futons. To see who got to sleep on the beds we played a game called "four men on a couch". It's sort of a memory was really fun, but it would take too long to explain how to play. Anyways, we got the futon, which is way better than the floor! haha! We all ended up watching (or fell asleep to) the animated movie called "Monster House". It sucked.
The next morning we all woke up and went to a little breakfast place called "The Loose Caboose". It was amazing! Dan got this omelet concoction that had everything you could imagine in it and it was as big as his plate....he ate the whole thing! Go Dan! Braden and I both got pancakes, eggs, bacon/ was so yummy! After that we took a walk around part of Lake Arrowhead. Kurt brought his frisbees and we played some disc golf, making trashcans and large trees the targets as we ventured around the lake. Here's some pictures:
We also did some shopping at a nearby outlet center. That nights we ordered pizzas for dinner and played a board game, cards, darts, etc. It was great fun and it was great getting to know everyone that came. When we got back Sunday afternoon Braden and I were dead tired. Back to reality though! haha!


Anonymous said...

I had a blast getting to know you guys on this trip, you guys truley are a beautiful couple and awsome people and Im glad you moved to california even if it is not forever :0( lol...see ya soon!

Jenna Ray said...

oh and lets do it again soon...bug kurt about it :0)