Thursday, November 16, 2006

Living with Seniors (Senior Citizens that is)

Last night was the Thanksgiving potluck dinner at the Canyon Club Senior Apartments where Braden and I currently live. It was interesting, to say the least. But, I must admit that it was kinda fun too. We met some friends there (Kurt and Kellie) when it started. Kurt and Kellie were the only other young people there besides us and a little girl about 10 or so who was probably someone's great great granddaughter....just kidding!
Anyways, so I'm sure you're dying to hear how the rest of the night went right? Well, let me tell you...we get there and drop off our yummy green bean casserole (which Braden made, I might add) and are told to help ourselves to drinks...soda, bottled water, wine. I go over to the soda and start pouring drinks for Braden and I. Kurt then walks over and warns us to check the date on the bottle...yeah the orange soda we were about to drink was from 2002. Yuck! You see, Kurt has the awesome priveledge to work for the apartment complex as a maintenance guy a few hours a he knows these old people. I'm so glad he was there to stop us from a potential disaster. haha!
Not long after that we found seats and a drawing began for a fleece blanket, stuffed animal, coffee maker, etc.....we didn't know about it so after they drew the first person's name Kurt got up and made them stop the drawing so he could add all of our names to the hat. Normally, that would probably be an inappropriate thing to do, but it's Kurt, so it's okay.
So then they drew the next person's name....Daniel's name was drawn. Daniel is a cute little old man that I have actually seen walking around the complex before. But after they announced his name, Kurt started cheering for him big time and chanted "Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!"...I think maybe the old people like Kurt because they can actually hear what he is saying because he is so loud....but I'm not sure.
Finally dinner came...let me pause a minute to give you a helpful hint for potluck dinners: Generally, only eat food that you and your friends brought...otherwise you are on your own for the unknowns.
Pumpkin pie that was clearly store bought concluded the evening and all were happy.
The end.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Casey that story was so FUNNY LOL!!!!! I hope youre haveing a wonderful time in California w/ out me jk I love you so much
Love your lil sis