Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jett's Quilt

I made the boy version of this "Cheater Quilt" for my little guy thanks to the idea from over at Prudent Baby. It took no time at all - literally one evening...well, it would have been one evening, but just as I was about to finish the last edge of the binding, guess what? My last needle broke!
Anyways, it was so quick and simple and I am so, SO happy with the results:
Totally worth the amount I spent on the topside fabric (the backside, interfacing, and binding I all got on sale at Joann's). I think the results are so cute that I might even splurge again to make Callie the girl version (seen here) for Christmas.

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H said...

That is amazing! Love it! So classic and cute. How many yards did you need to make that?