Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photography Class

This month I (along with my good friend Beth!) am taking a photography class through Sojourn that meets once a week. I'm super excited about it and the chance to learn and (hopefully) get better at taking photos.

For this week's assignment (which we actually did during our class time), the teacher asked us to make a collective list of things (emotion, object, word, etc.). Then we were to go outside and take a photo of each item on the list. Of course, all of our own individual photos would be our own interpretation.
Looking at my photos after I got home, I realize how literal I am...there is much to be learned and it's a darn good thing I'm not being graded! :)

Here are a few of mine:

This looks pretty painful huh?Air.
Birds fly in the air. Here is a feather from a bird.Reflection.
Typical.Empty Chair.Evidence of People Where People Aren't Present.
Business Sign.House Number.
Love the brick and peeling paint.
Next week everyone is going to share their pictures.
I look forward to gleaning from everyone's knowledge/creativity.

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Andy and Megan said...

Those pics are awesome! Great job. Hey I was wondering if you sometime wanted to show me some of your incredible kitting tricks :)