Friday, September 24, 2010

ABC Blanket

Isn't this an amazingly cute baby blanket!?!: image found here

The pattern that was used as inspiration to make the above mentioned blanket was one from a Debbie Bliss pattern from her book called The Baby Knits Book. I couldn't find it at the library or online for a price I was willing to pay since I just wanted the one pattern!

SOOooooo...I made my own pattern...well, sort of. I found a website that had the pattern(s) for individual dishcloths of the alphabet in the perfect size to make the blocks I wanted. I decided to knit them in strips (like a scarf) to cut down on seaming...ha! And BAM! Here's a peek at my progress so far: This one will probably be on the needles for a while since I hardly ever get a chance to pick it up between all of the other projects I have started. But I'm excited to see how it finishes. Still contemplating what I should do for the backside...


april mohler said...

that's really impressive! and I like it in just the black and white. It'd be cool if you could make the back look kind of like zebra print or something. maybe. just a thought.

Casey said...

thanks april! zebra would be fun! :)