Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE quilt

It's DONE! When I first started working on this quilt back in February, I had the help from some older ladies at our church who met every Tuesday afternoon to work on various crafts (sewing, knitting, crocheting)...but we stopped getting together once summer hit.I had only gotten so far as to cutting my squares and had just started sewing them together... so by the time it came to putting it all together, I was on my own...and I just kinda winged it. I supposed I could have asked one of the ladies the next step, but I was too impatient to finish...and it ended up being fine. Patchwork quilts aren't supposed to be perfect anyways, right? :)If I ever make another quilt like this again, I'm definitely going to need a Rotary cutter and one of those clear measuring boards thingys.


Andy and Megan said...

doesn't it feel good to get something like that done!? Congrats! PS--will you teach me to knit when I get back. I have been thinking so much about it and the sweaters you make for callie (and hats and gloves, etc, etc) are SOOOOOOOOO cute!

Casey said...

I'd LOOOOOVE to! just facebook or e-mail me ( and we can get together!