Thursday, July 22, 2010


I finally broke down saved enough money to buy a DSLR camera! There are so many opinions and so much information out there that it took me a while to figure out which one would be best for me to buy. BUT thanks to the help of a wonderful friend, I made the purchase! I am (so far) very happy with my Canon Rebel XS. I have read through the manual and still have ALOT to learn, but I'm so glad I spent the money. Here is one of Callie that I just took this morning:
Quite a step up from the pictures I have been taking with my point-and-shoot camera, wouldn't you agree? :)


Beth said...

YAY! Hopefully I will make a decision soon and we can continue our lessons with that wonderful friend of ours. :) I loved seeing you tonight!

Casey said...

just doooo it! :)

i had fun too, let's do it again SOON! :)

ashleycristenephotography said...

Yay for your new camera!! So much fun aren't they?!? And you have such a pretty little model to practice on!!