Sunday, March 7, 2010

A hat for Callie

My little girl is getting so big! I had to make her a new hat since she has outgrown all the other ones I have for her...she's such a cutie :)Pattern for the hat can be found here.
Pattern for the flower can be found here.


Rebecca Elves said...

this is so cute!

Andy and Megan said...

That hat is so stinkin cute! And the baby too :) Pattern or no pattern, knitting or crocheting are things i have never gotten into....however with some of the things you have made, maybe i should try! so so cute!

Alicia said...

just so you know, i saw this in the middle of the night last night and though i should definitely make one just like it for my new baby. then i remembered he is a boy. hah!

got sleep? ;)

Casey said...

thanks for the comments guys! :)

and alicia, that's the funniest thing i've heard today! :)