Tuesday, August 25, 2009

27 Weeks

Not the best picture of me...so let's only pay attention to the baby belly bump. OK? :)
27 weeks along and I've still been feeling great, eating a ton (it seems), and counting down the weeks til we get to meet our little boy or girl. :)

Life has been particularly busy the past few weeks because not only has school started up again, but we also have moved to a new apartment! The main reason for the move was because we were really needing wash machine and dryer hookups in our apartment...you know, all that extra laundry with a baby would make it difficult to get to the laundromat. We love our new place (hardwood floors = amazing!), the location is great (Target!), and I can't wait to get completely settled in and also to start working on the nursery!
Braden's parents came in town to help us with the move and the Feelers and boy Casey came over and were a HUGE help too. All we have left is reorganizing closets to fit things in better and hanging stuff on walls! Oh and the kitchen could use a little more work. Maybe someday I'll get around to posting a few pictures of our new place...
Oh and back on the subject of school, this semester Braden is taking Missiology (Missions) and Ethics and I'm taking (through SWI) Discipleship I and II and Biblical Parenting. I'm actually off to school now to get books for both of us! :)


Beth said...

You are too cute! Love your tummy. Praying for the rest of the pregnancy to go well. So excited for you guys :)

Brenda said...

Case you look so good!!! Keep up the good work! OH found a bunch of oneies today at a garage sale!!I bought about 10 of them so mark that off the list!!!

Beth said...

Pictures of the new place sounds like a GREAT idea! It's fun to have class with you. :)