Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have really been craving some In-N-Out Burger, Jamba Juice, Stonefire Grill, Corner Bakery, BJ's...just to name a few! Haha! All of which are restaurants Braden and I frequented while we lived in California. I have gone so far as to search online for the "secret recipes" to make my favorite flavor of Jamba Juice smoothie (Strawberries Wild) and pazookie at BJ's ( a warm, gooey cookie made in a deep dish pizza pan topped with vanilla ice cream)...these two at least don't seem too hard to make at home. We shall see! After I hit up the grocery store I'm going to put my cooking/baking skills to use. But as for an authentic In-N-Out burger with their great fries and milkshake and some of the great dishes at Stonefire Grill...well, I guess it's time fora visit back to CA! haha!

In other news, younger sister Kendra attended homecoming last weekend at her high school Fort Zumwalt South...she's a freshman and went with her best friend Kaitlin Bean and some other girls they are friends with. My mom e-mailed me pictures and she looked so pretty I had to post some:

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Unknown said...

so terrible.

you musn't forget baja fresh, el pollo loco, sisley, SUSHI (haha, you left that out on purpose..), or restaurants on piers. like longboards, or eric ericson's. mmm or the gyros at fresh works. okay. now i'm just torturing myself. i think it's time to start the countdown to california...

but in-n-out...that's a biggie.