Thursday, May 3, 2007

Santa Monica

Last night we hung out with Brennan again while he was here. Went to In-N-Out Burger another "California thing" to do and then drove down to my favorite, Santa Monica. We hit the beach and peir first:

Then did some shopping at Third Street/Promenade. As always, had a great time!

Only 11 days til the move. We're still deciding on an apartment, we haven't begun to pack, but both of us only have one more day at our jobs so we'll be able to get it done next week before we pick up the moving truck. Prayers would be much appreciated as we will be in need of extra energy and extra patience...this moving stuff can get a little hectic (especially when not all the details are finalized).

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Brenda said...

Okay who's the other guy on the phone in the photo........
One of these things doesn't belong here