Monday, November 20, 2006

Getty Art Museum

Over the weekend Braden, Thomas, and I went to the Getty Art Museum. I'm not the type that would go to an art museum in my spare time...but this one seemed like it would be interesting. First of all, because you park in an underground parking garage and then take a tram up the side of a mountain that sits right next to the 405 and overlooks the city of Los Angeles. It looked pretty sweet and if nothing else I could get some cool pictures...turns out that it was pretty neat. The art with all the various paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. were all very interesting and I actually read alot of the descriptions that went with each of them.

What interested me the most was the gardens...first the cactus garden that looks over a sweet view of LA:

And then my very favorite the Central Garden:

We spent about 3 hours at the art museum and then went to the Sherman Oaks Galleria for food. There was a huge Christmas tree and I made Braden take my picture...but I can't post it for some reason, believe me it was the most Christmasy Christmas tree ever!

The day was grand...wish you coulda joined us...


Anonymous said...

Hey case,
I wiah i could have gone with you guys it looks amazing expecially that one tree i wish iu could have saw the Christmas tree but u can just email it to me sometime
Love your lil sis,

Anonymous said...

woops i accedentally misspelles my name sry
Love Kendra

Kathy said...

Hi Casey, I'm your mom's friend Kathy Blakey. Your mom told me to look at your Blog and send you a hello from home note. I love your blog, you are a good writer, and funny too. Loved the museum pictures. If you get a chance to go to San Diego, you have to go to a place called Balboa Park, great museums and gardens. Also a place called Old Mexico, good food and a fun atmosphere of old time Mexico. And great walking trails in a park there, but I can't recall the name. Check it out, you guys would like the area. I wish I was there now! Enjoy California! Love ya. Kathy