Thursday, June 22, 2006

"are you getting nervous yet?"

another day closer.
i am reminded constantly of how drastically my life will change here in the next month or so. ladies at work are trying to scare me i, that can't be their intentions, but that's how they come across. they seem to always make a big deal of how we have yet to find an apartment in california, how we're so young to be gettting married, how they think i should finish my education and stop wanting to grow up so fast...i don't care...this is how it's gonna be! i'm excited and can't wait...i don't really have any major worries... i am getting married to a wonderful man who will love me and take care of me for the rest of my life. why should i worry? i have a gracious Father who will guide me and show His love to me and He still will show His love to me though i am completely and utterly unworthy of it. No matter how great or how tough the circumstances may be, i will be watched after. it's gonna be a big change and it won't be a honeymoon for forever I know...but i can still be excited and i don't have to worry because...i choose not to!
even people at church are like "are you getting nervous yet?" "have you found an apartment yet?" as if to tell us we should be worried, nervous or whatever because of how soon everything is coming up...don't people know that you can plan a wedding, move to another state, and begin a new life without having a heart attack?
now not everyone reacts to our plans negatively...there are some that are as exctied as we are...those people are encouraging to me. grandma mary is one who is very excited for us...she makes me laugh...she was born to a family that had 13 kids so she married at age 15. she sees nothing scary at all about what we are about to do. she's seen hard times, and her advice would probably be that you can make it through it if you are wise with your money and if we have each other. and diane....she's always telling everyone how excited she is to finally have a girl in her family. and kyle and kim...they're in the same boat as us...young, about to marry, and excited for it all.

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