Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back in "The Ville"

We were at home in St. Louis for the week following Memorial Day. We stayed busy hanging out with old friends and got to visit our grandparents, Braden's cousin had a grad party, and our friend T.J. got married...we saw alot of our high school/my college friends there too:
My college roommates Kimmel, Krissy, and Natalie
B and meKimmel and BradUs with the newest newlyweds, T.J. and Kacie IngrassiaNow we're back in Louisville...until this Friday. We'll be going home again for a baccalaureate party for Natalie who's wedding Braden and I are both in. We'll be going home to St. Louis every weekend for the next 3 weeks or so for wedding related stuff, but of course we don't mind one bit having an excuse to go home and be with family and friends!

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